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Announcing our Latest Webinar w/Michael Rasmussen: Got ESG? Show Me Your Policies!

Announcing our Latest Webinar w/Michael Rasmussen: Got ESG? Show Me Your Policies!

Following on from our recent ESG foundations webinar, we’re again joining forces with industry analyst, Michael Rasmussen for a new webinar – Got ESG? Show Me Your Policies! – taking place on May 25.

Where previously we explored why it is that policies are the foundation of a successful ESG program, this time round, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into why you simply can’t address ESG without an effective policy management solution.

(SPOILER: Relying on spreadsheets and SharePoint just won’t cut it – especially at the enterprise scale where you could have thousands of policy documents to manage and regulatory changes to keep on top of.)

Why you can’t address ESG without effective policy management…

Organizations across industries and geographies are grappling with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting and developing an overall ESG management program to address investor, stakeholder, management, regulatory, employees, and partner requirements. 

The very foundation of an ESG program is established and built on the policies of the organization. You cannot do ESG without having an effective policy management and engagement program.

The very first step in building an ESG program is to review what the organization’s current policies state, which policies need to change, and which ones need to be added. 

From the Code of Conduct down into the breadth of environmental, social/HR, and governance policies, it is policies that establish and define ESG objectives and commitments. 

Policies codify ESG into the organization and not only need to be well written and accurate but also engaged employees who need understanding and training on ESG policies.

About the webinar

Whether you’re new to ESG, or a seasoned Risk/Compliance Manager tasked with running an effective ESG program for the first time, this webinar is set to provide actionable advice and insights that you can start implementing straight away. 

Taking place on May 25, the webinar is scheduled to last around 45 minutes, and will establish how policies provide: 

  • The foundation to build an ESG strategy and program upon
  • The framework for monitoring ESG objectives and risks
  • The engagement needed to ensure that employees and third-parties know what is expected of them in an ESG context

Plus, you’ll also find out how the use of an integrated policy and training management system can even help with compliance change management. 

Join us live and you’ll also be invited to have your questions answered by Michael and webinar host, Hertzel Kuriel.

Got ESG? Show me your policies!

How to attend

To register for the webinar, simply submit your details on the webinar registration page and join the live stream on the day.


Not sure if you can make it to the live session? Register and we’ll send you a recap and link to the recording anyway.

Andie Coupland

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