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experience policies and procedures like never before

An intuitive and robust policy and procedure management solution that is easily configured and customized to specific organizational needs

Simple and smart policy management

No more costly and time-consuming manual processes.

Collaborate, create, manage, communicate and track policies and procedures with our award-winning, artificial intelligence powered platform.

Ekko powerful compliance management dashboard with policies and procedures management capabilities

360 contextual poliocy awareness

Ekko AI will smartly communicate to your workforce and partners the policies and procedures they need, when they need it, and where they need it based on users’ contexts such as location, role, training, and compliance maturity level.

Interact with policies and procedures using Ekko’s conversational bot

Artificial intelligence-powered Ekko automatically learns and understands the policies and procedures created in the system and breaks them down into small interactive knowledge bites which users can query using Ekko’s conversational bot. 

Smart Form, checklists and questionnaires

Powerful forms, checklists, and questionnaires that will help your workforce to run risk assessments, inspection, work and safety procedures.

Dashboard and reporting

Ekko offers a customizable dashboard and reporting engine. GRC professionals can report on metrics and trends to track relevant information, developments, trends and activities for specific policies.

Forms & questionnaires report

Winner of the 2019 User Experience Award in Policy and Training Management by GRC2020

The only cloud-based platform that enables just-in-time policy, procedure, and user-guide information for frontline workers

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