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Simplify the compliance and training management of your mobile workforce and harness the power of machine learning to meet EHS regulatory requirements

Automate compliance and certification processes

Rapidly design, build and distribute powerful, yet easy-to-use EHS personalized training, policies, and procedures to your mobile workforce.

Personalized user experience based on user's profile and performance
Transform document-based and manual processes to digital accessible anytime and anywhere

Transform manual processes to digital

Use Ekko to transform manual, document-based processes into, digital, mobile-friendly policies and procedures,  forms, inspection checklists, and risk assessment questionnaires with approval workflows and version controls.

Manage contractors compliance proactively

Integrate Ekko with your digital site access control system. Use Ekko to reduce risk and save time by proactively communicating the training, policies, and procedures contractors need before arriving at your site.

Ready to use EHS content

Save money and time and quickly add and share interactive and mobile-friendly OSHA compliant EHS e-learning courses from our ready-to-use content library.

Harness the power of machine learning

Ekko’s machine learning and artificial intelligence engine learns your policies and procedures, breaks them down into small, interactive question-and-answer knowledge bites, and lets your mobile workforce ask questions using Ekko’s powerful conversational bot.

Reports and dashboards

Allow site managers, team leaders, and EHS executives to get up-to-date performance and compliance reports and insights. Track certifications, surveys, and form completions and get a quick view of your workforce’s EHS compliance maturity level.