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Streamline healthcare compliance management and training, build scenario-based, engaging NRLN onboarding programs, competency frameworks, and certifications

Scenario-driven, engaging nursing onboarding programs

Whether you are onboarding new licensed registered nurses or need to address an unexpected surge due to COVID-19, you can quickly create personalized, engaging, and adaptable nursing onboarding and compliance programs.

Personalized user experience based on user's profile and performance
Dynamic and personalized competency frameworks

Powerful competency frameworks

Quickly build workflow-based competencies, skilling, and re-skilling schemes that are connected to the end user’s learning and compliance processes and let Ekko track each user’s progress and achievements.

Integrated compliance, policies and procedures management

No more different systems that work in silos. Provide your healthcare professionals an integrated and unified user experience that connects policies and procedures to their training, certification and skill development programs.

Ekko powerful compliance management dashboard with policies and procedures management capabilities
Transform document-based and manual processes to digital accessible anytime and anywhere

Detailed, multi-role development programs

Create easy-to-use forms and checklists that provide a granular list of tasks the nurses need to achieve in their competency programs and which their managers can approve anywhere on any device.

Learning in the flow of work

Engage with your healthcare professionals using Ekko’s friendly mobile app which communicates personalized learning, policies, and procedures when and where required.

Ekko mobile application to access compliance and learning anywhere and anytime

Harness the power of machine learning

Ekko’s machine learning and artificial intelligence engine learns your policies and procedures, breaks them down into small, interactive question-and-answer knowledge bites, and lets your nurses and doctors ask questions using Ekko’s powerful conversational bot.

Reporting and dashboards

Allow team leaders, staff managers, and chief nursing executives to get up-to-date performance and compliance reports and insights on a team level, down to the individual user level.

Ekko manager's team dashboard