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Whether you are looking to simplify and modernize traditional learning and training or just outgrow your existing LMS, the Totara Learn Ekko edition is designed for you

Simplify workforce and contractors compliance training

Seamlessly create and support simple or complex compliance training programs, easily connect them with policies and procedures and communicate it with your mobile workforce and contractors, anywhere.

Personalized learning expereinces

With Ekko, you can create different user interfaces for different audiences. Design, build and customize the learning experience for your workforce and contractors within a matter of minutes. 

Support virtually any type of learning and training

Online or offline, e-learning or in-class (instructor-led), virtual or on-the-job, whatever your training and learning needs are, we got your back.

Content marketplace

Access high quality, off-the-shelf content from the top e-learning providers and add them to your catalog with a click, without leaving your LMS.

Totara Learn Ekko Edition

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