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Ekko is a workforce development and communication platform from Totara partner, Learningzone.

What is Totara?

Totara is a talent experience platform used by millions of users globally. Totara is categorized as a Core Leader by the 2021 Foseway 9-Grid for learning systems. As a Totara partner, we at Learnigzone customized the Totara platform to create a cloud-based, powerful, yet simple to use solution where people and organizations can transform, adapt and navigate change. We call it Ekko.

Ekko by LearningZone

LearningZone has been Totara partner, since Totara’s inception more than 10 years ago. We customized Totara platform and introduced new technologies, to create Ekko, an AI-powered workforce compliance & engagement platform. Ekko is a cloud solution and designed to help organizations to simplify workforce compliance, learning, training, and performance management.

Totara Talent Experience

The Totara Talent Experience core components include:

Totara Ekko edition was designed to provide just-in-time conversational knowledge, learning, and compliance to frontline workforces at moments that matter most.

Ekko core features

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