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Empower your frontline workforce to become experts and accelerate their productivity and performance in one unified mobile platform

Ekko interactive policy

Policy & procedure management at the speed of change

Ekko transforms manual, document-based processes into digital, interactive, mobile-friendly forms, inspection checklists, and risk assessment questionnaires with approval workflows and version controls.

  • Automate and optimize policy management processes, down to individual frontline users
  • Enable continuous frontline operational- and compliance controls
  • Simplify third-party compliance, increase on-time completion and attestation rates

Compliance & Policy Management →

Ekko Conversational Bot

Just ask Ekko

Ekko intelligently pairs your frontline employee and contractors’ daily routines with your organization’s policies, procedures, and training to communicate operational knowledge, corporate governance, and skill development opportunities right when they are needed, in a human-like user experience.

Conversational knowledge bot →

Ekko access knowledge fast

Close skills gaps today, and be prepared for the future of work

Ekko keeps your employees’ knowledge and skills up to date, and helps you plan for the skills your organization needs in the future.

  • Enhanced visibility and insights into workforce skills
  • Automate personalized, self-serve development plans and training
  • Bring compliance and training into a single, unified frontline user experience

Learning Management →

Ekko access knowledge fast

Ready-to-Use EHS Content

Save time and money by quickly adding and sharing interactive and mobile-friendly OSHA compliant EHS eLearning courses from our content library.

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Ekko knowledge sharing

Accelerate workforce skills acquisition with real-time communication and knowledge sharing

Ekko helps foster engagement with workers on the frontline, allowing your experts to easily create, capture and share technical and professional workspaces that employees can access from anywhere, on any device.

  • Bring managers and frontline teams closer together
  • Automated, personalized content curation and recommendations
  • Generate scannable QR codes to access knowledge, policies and procedure in one click

Communication & Engagement →

Ekko interactive policy_2

Next-generation policy management

Design, build, collaborate and transform your policies and procedures into multi-lingual, interactive and video-based content, available on any device.

Video-based training →

Make data-drive decision

Make data-driven decisions on your talent, performance and competency development strategies

With Ekko’s employee performance tools, you can make data-driven decisions to identify risks associated to churn and skill gaps and offer effective onboarding experiences to new employees and skill-up opportunities for your existing workforce. 

  • Map skills to roles and personalize skilling and reskilling programs down to a single employee level
  • Design, build and communicate personalized, clear skill and career development programs
  • Understand which employees are most at-risk of leaving and why

Performance Management →

Make data-drive decision

Ekko helps you boost operational efficiencies by moving back-office teams up the value chain by automating repetitive, manual tasks.  

Free up time to focus on value-adding tasks and deliver policy, process, and compliance information at the point of need for greater productivity among engineers and other field workers

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