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The Workforce Engagement and Compliance Platform Your Whole Business Will Love

Ekko platform has all the tools you need for learning, performance, collaboration, and compliance management. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but using them together will make you a superhero.


Compliance and policy management

Harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to manage and maintain policies, procedures, and communicate risk-driven awareness programs. Automate and track your workforce, contractors, and partners’ compliance engagement.

Learning management

Upskill and re-skill your workforce and achieve its full potential with a next-generation, transformational learning platform trusted by millions worldwide.

Workforce performance management

Boost workplace productivity and employee competencies with tailored performance and talent management software that suits your unique environment.

Knowledge management and employee engagement

Increase engagement, share know-how, training, resources, and the right information at the right time and place, all in the flow of work.

Our Clients Love It!

We see LZ Ekko platform as a strategic solution that helps us improving our workforce performance
Lital Arnaldes, Head of Training, Madanes Insurance
Tel Hashomer Hospital relies on LZs Ekko platform to manage its compliance and accreditation processes. On top of that, It’s powerful training and learning delivery capabilities are essential for our staff development and new employee onboarding
Haj Yahia Raed, Project Manager, Sheba Tel-Hashomer Hospital
LZ’s Ekko compliance and training management capabilities are essential for global organizations like Telit.
Itzik Menashe, VP IT & Information Security, Telit

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