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Ekko’s core components

  • Personalized communications: Ekko intelligently communicates policies and procedures to employees based on their profile and location.
  • QR code access: Quick and easy access to policies and procedures when they are needed most.
  • Centralized compliance hub: A single source of truth for your organization’s compliance posture.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Simplify compliance management with personalized, context-aware policy communications.
  • Immediate Accessibility: Ensure your workforce can access critical policies and procedures instantly using QR codes.
  • Consistency and Accuracy: Maintain a centralized, accurate view of your organization’s compliance status, reducing risk and ensuring consistent policy enforcement.
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  • Custom and customizable onboarding paths for employees, partners, and customers
  • Real-time tracking of online, off-line, and field training
  • Personalized, scenario-based continuous professional development programs
  • Mobile app
  • A centralized hub for learning, training, and development
  • Enhanced and engaging learning experiences accessible anytime, anywhere encouraging high usage and on-time completion
  • Streamlined and simplified training processes
  • Single source of truth to track learner outcomes in real-time
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Features: Centralized knowledge repository, collaborative tools, easy access to shared knowledge. Benefits: Improve knowledge sharing, reduce information silos, and enhance team collaboration. Learn more →
  • Competency tracking
  • Skill assessments
  • Development plans
  • Appraisals, 360 questionnaire,s and periodical check-in assessment
  • Clear performance metrics help all stakeholders make data-driven decisions
  • Targeted skill development ensures your workforce is aligned with your organization’s goals
  • Support continuous professional development and growth.
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Features: Comprehensive access to all Ekko components, real-time notifications, offline access for remote locations. Benefits: Enhance productivity with anytime, anywhere access to training, policies, and performance management. Keep your workforce informed with instant updates and ensure continuous compliance and development even offline. Learn more →
Ekko for Healthcare

Ekko for Your Industry

Discover how Ekko empowers industries like yours with cutting-edge compliance management, learning management, and much more.

Overcome your biggest operational challenges

We understand the complexities and challenges highly regulated industries face daily. Ekko is designed to meet your specific needs.

AI-powered guidance for policy management. Learn more →
Comprehensive Learning Management System for onboarding, continuous professional development, and upskilling/re-skilling. Learn more →
Effective communication tools for a remote workforce. Learn more →
Easily accessible training, policies, and procedures for deskless workforces.
Centralized platform for sharing ideas and expertise.
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