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Manage employee productivity and performance like never before

Maintaining the performance of frontline workforces can be challenging at the best of times – especially when your managers don’t share a workplace or working hours as their teams.

Ensuring the performance support received by desk-less and fieldworkers employees with their office-based counterparts can be difficult, and if not managed correctly can result in low morale and high-turnover. 

Ekko helps you boost workplace productivity and employee competencies with tailored performance and talent management software that suits your unique organizational needs.

A modern performance management tool that engages employees, boosts productivity and helps build business resilience

Ekko Performance Activities

Coach, mentor and manage performance

Augment annual appraisals with modern, continuous performance management tools. 

Use check-ins, 360-degree feedback and more to give employees year-round guidance and support.

Ekko Performance Activities
Ekko Employee Recognition

Recognize and reward top performers

Uncover hidden talents and internal subject matter experts with ease. 

Combine powerful graphical reporting with peer-to-peer feedback and engagement to get actionable insights into individual performance and productivity.

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Ekko Employee Skill Development

Identify and close skills gaps

Track employee skills and development to build a more resilient, agile organization.

Build competency profiles at micro and macro levels to understand strengths and weaknesses and react in real-time to changes in business need.

Ekko Employee Skill Development


Performance management made simple

Ekko provides managers with the tools they need to make workers feel supported, empowered, and productive – no matter where they call ‘the office’.

Ekko Performance Management Made Easy
Synergize managers and staff with organizational goals by improving or introducing new appraisal processes with ease
Ensure employee alignment and boost organizational output
Accurately gauge strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more
Identify and close skills gaps across the entire workforce and prescribe actions and content that aligns the goals of your people and organization
Powerful graphical reporting identifies high/low performers and creates action-oriented, meaningful interactions between managers and employees
Streamline the performance management process by integrating with Human Capital Management (HCM) products such as payroll, recruiting, talent management and more

Continuous performance support for employees everywhere

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Powered by Totara

Ekko’s performance management capabilities are powered by Totara Perform – a performance management system with adaptivity and productivity at its core.

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