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Foster collaboration and boost employee engagement

As the business world undergoes the “Great Resignation”, it’s never been more important to keep employees motivated and engaged as it is today. 

As healthcare and energy sector organizations in particular feel the strain of recent and on-going global events, finding ways to help frontline and fieldworkers feel connected and supported is more important than ever.

Providing a seamless employee experience where workers can collaborate and communicate with colleagues and subject matter experts no matter where they are can go a long way to alleviating loneliness and averting disengagement at a personal level. Plus, increasing stability through improved retention helps to improve business resilience.

All the communication and knowledge sharing tools you need to maintain an engaged workplace, in one intelligent platform

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Improve internal comms

Share organization-wide updates, division and individual successes to keep everyone connected – from the frontline, to the back office and corporate teams.

Create communities of interest, focus groups and more with a range of communication tools to bring your teams closer together, wherever they are.

Ekko Workforce Communication 1
Ekko interactive policy

Personalize development

Unleash hidden potential by combining performance, skills and personal interest data to create talent pipelines and manage continuity. 

Empower employees to lead their own development and build their own profiles as experts among peers with text and video-based knowledge sharing.

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Ekko for deskless workforce

Reduce staff turnover

Build an engaged workforce that feels connected, empowered and supported in their own development.

Provide opportunities for growth and recognize success with in-built collaboration and feedback tools that enhance the employee experience.

Ekko for deskless workforce


Bring your deskless and frontline workforces closer

A suite of collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools to help your teams work and grow, together

Ekko knowledge sharing
Break down silos, spread know-how to where it’s needed by accessing or requesting information from colleagues exactly when it’s needed
Create and curate resources from multiple channels – including Ekko’s integrated content library
Suggest content relevant to employees’ interests, skills and needs – based on actual user behaviour thanks to a robust recommendation engine
Make sure your workforces’ voice is heard and stay in-the-know with simple and easy-to-use surveys, checklists, and live polls.
Facilitate peer-to-peer interactions like ratings, comments and curation to build a vibrant, connected learning culture
Collaborate and solve complex problems from a central digital space without the bloating complexity that comes with switching between different tools.
Recognize rising talent, subject matter experts (SME’s) and thought leaders, as well as less-engaged individuals, with in-depth user and content engagement reports.

Keep your employees engaged, wherever they are, whatever their role is

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Powered by Totara

Ekko’s engagement and collaboration capabilities are powered by Totara Engage – a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that helps you engage unite and upskill your workforce to deliver high-performance.

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