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Ekko Architecture

Breakaway from the limitations of dated, siloed systems and spreadsheets and deliver better business outcomes.

Ekko unifies the key compliance, competencies and communications platforms your operational workforce relies on into a single, intelligent platform that supports your frontline and desk-less workforce as well as your office-based employees.

Empower your teams with the tools and knowledge they need to do their best work, together – and increase business resilience.

Author, manage and communicate policies like never before.

Ekko is the only cloud-based platform that enables just-in-time policy, procedure, and user-guide information for frontline workers 

Ekko Main Page Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

With powerful, yet simple-to-use automation, content creation, and communication features deliver memorable and engaging compliance learning experiences with a high rate of on-time completions.

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Ekko Main Page Simplify Compliance
Ekko Employee Skill Development

Personalize Employee Growth

Clearly communicate employee development plans and empower them with opportunities to continuously upskill or re-skill to grow – and always perform at their best.

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Ekko Great Learning Content

Create Great Content

Access a library of more than 200 content providers or use built-in editors to build interactive, media-reach, and engaging e-learning, quizzes, videos, and games and provide your learners with a stunning learning experience.

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Ekko Great Learning Content
Ekko Employee Onboarding

Tailor Onboarding

Make a first great impression by creating custom onboarding experiences, each tailored specifically to your back office employees, frontline workforce, contractors, and your customers.

Embed new tech and optimize the delivery of new services and large-scale operational changes, faster – and increase funds available to invest in meeting your environmental targets, transformative technology and new business models.

Ekko enables digital transformation that drives operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings.

Ekko Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Surveys

Use a built-in questionnaire tool to design and conduct risk assessments and identify potential risks that require mitigation.

Ekko Risk Assessment
Ekko interactive policy

Next-Generation Policy Management

Design, build, collaborate and transform your policies and procedures into multilingual, interactive and video-based content available on any device.

Just Ask Ekko - Ekko Intelligent, real-time communication and awareness

Intelligent Awareness

Ekko uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn and understand policies, procedures and workforce structure. It then communicates policies and training based on an individual user’s risk context.

Just Ask Ekko - Ekko Intelligent, real-time communication and awareness
Ekko Location-based Notifications

Location-based Notifications

Ekko provides notifications through email, in-app and mobile alerts to notify users of policies, procedures and knowledge relevant to an event or their location.

Make data-drive decision

Analytics and Reporting

Use dashboards and reports to demonstrate and analyze the performance and effectiveness of your compliance program.

Make data-drive decision
Ekko Mobile App

Mobile App

Access everything you need to stay compliant,  competent, and connected with colleagues – anytime, anywhere. 

Got a policy or procedure question whilst out in the field? Just ask Ekko

Create, manage, communicate and track policies and procedures in one place and provide employees and partners with documentation access – in any location, on any device.

Intuitively sensing when your employees need assistance, Ekko pushes relevant content at the time of need.

Ekko Totara Alliance Partner

What can Ekko do for you?

Speak with an Ekko expert and get a personalized platform demo tailored to your organization’s unique needs & requirements

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