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Our story

We’ve all been there, directing a business with standout employees, but struggling to impart all the training, knowledge and skills they need to excel in their jobs.

We’ve observed the difference it makes when both the workforce and the organization can establish an infrastructure that helps them develop, comply and achieve success.

With over 12 years of experience as a company, and an accumulative experience of more than 50 years delivering online learning and compliance solutions, Ekko has garnered a deep understanding of these challenges.

Your learning and compliance technologies should be made to fit your organization – not the other way around. That’s why we created Ekko.

Our Mission

To help organizations anywhere to empower their workforce to connect, learn and perform at their best.

Ekko mobile application to access compliance and learning anywhere and anytime

What is Ekko?

Ekko by LearningZone helps organizations to create a workforce experience that transforms the way businesses capitalize on the future of work. That experience is powered by our intelligent, cloud-based workforce skilling, collaboration, compliance management technology, and our People-First approach.

Built as a custom version of the Totara Talent Experience platform, Ekko is easily configured to meet the needs of any organization.

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