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Author, manage and communicate policies like never before

With health & safety legislation and other regulations to adhere to, as well as staying on top of day-to-day training, it’s not easy to keep your workforce compliant – especially in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and energy. 

Ensuring your staff are aware of the latest laws – let alone your own internal policies and procedures – isn’t easy, especially if you have a large frontline workforce. 

The repercussions of non-compliance can have serious implications on both an individual and organization-wide level, and it’s never been more important to ensure you remain compliant than it is today.

Manage the full scope of policies across the enterprise with a strong system of record that provides communication and awareness assurance in one platform

Manage policy and procedures

Import existing policies and procedures, collaboratively author new ones, define relevant audiences, expiration dates and review periods. When ready, publish the policies and let Ekko do the magic of transforming them into an engaging and interactive mobile experience.

Ekko Policies & Procedures
Make data-drive decision

Smart system of record

Ekko provides a detailed audit trail and system of record for policy and training activities and interactions. 

Manage evidence and present a defensible system of record of how policies were communicated and understood by employees and how training was completed and kept current in a dynamic environment.

Intelligent, interactive experience

Use the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform your document-based and manual compliance program into a sophisticated, easy-to-use and interactive experience your employees will love.


Governance, Risk & Compliance Management, covered

Intuitive and robust compliance, policy & procedure management solution

Create, manage and share company-wide policies and procedures targeted to your workforce and partners anywhere – and on any device.
break the boredom of long, text-based documents and enhance your policies and procedures with interactive, gamified and mobile-friendly quizzes, technical schemas, and video.
Clever AI and Machine Learning engines earn your policies and procedures and break them down into small, searchable, interactive, knowledge bites.
Issue and display custom digital credentials to reward users for completing an activity and increase motivation for more learning.
Ensure compliance effectiveness by assessing your workforce and partners’ compliance maturity and allow field teams to run risk assessment checks from any device.
Quickly create, share and collect safety inspection information and communicate to your team the controls required in order to comply with the most recent regulatory requirements.
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Ensure your back office and desk-less, frontline workforce stay compliant, wherever they are

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