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Operate flawlessly. Everyday. Everywhere.

Ekko automatically pairs your organization’s policies, procedures and learning materials with employees’ daily routines – ensuring compliance and performance like never before. 

Watch the video to learn how Ekko helps keep construction workers safe, certified and connected while out in the field.

Ekko interactive policy

Ensure compliance even with changing regulations

With Ekko, ensuring your workers have access to the latest policies and procedures is simple – so your back office teams can spend less time administrating and more time on value-adding activities

  • Quickly notify employees of updated operating procedures in line with regulation changes
  • Track certificate expiry and maintain audit trails with ease
  • Provide anytime access to important policy documents

Compliance & Policy Management features →

Ready-to-Use Content

Access thousands of mobile-friendly eLearning courses from our content library to help save time and money whilst keeping OHSA-compliant – leaving more budget for critical custom training materials.

Content library →

Ekko Construction Training

Inform, re-skill and upskill workers with ease

Ekko takes the admin headache out of ensuring workers have access to the information and knowledge they need, when they need it. 

  • Push notifications and QR codes provide quick access to location-based content<
  • Create training and development plans, personalized to employee’s unique skills and experiences
  • Maintain and update records of learning anytime, anywhere

Training & Skills Management →


Just ask Ekko

Accessing key policy and procedure and training materials is just a simple request away thanks to Ekko’s AI-powered, human-like chatbot – which surfaces operational knowledge, corporate governance, and skill development opportunities whenever, wherever your workers need them.

Conversational knowledge bot →

Ekko knowledge sharing

Eliminate information and knowledge silos across your workforce and supply chain

With Ekko, workers can communicate and collaborate with peers, contractors and other third parties 

  • Notify onsite colleagues of hazards in realtime using dedicated communication channels
  • Ask for help or share advice wherever you are
  • Curate learning materials and content from within and outside of your organization

Communication & Engagement →

Ekko knowledge sharing
Ekko knowledge sharing

Accelerate knowledge sharing

Empower your internal subject matter experts to share their knowledge with peers through quick and easy-to-create video-based content that’s available on any device.

Video-based training →

Make data-drive decision

Boost productivity and meet sustainability targets

Get detailed visibility into competencies and skills gaps to create impactful, data-driven strategies that align perfectly with your organization’s changing needs.

  • Build detailed reports at unit, team or individual employee level
  • Report on and react to performance achievements and concerns faster
  • Automatically modify learning plans to help close skills gaps

Performance Management →

Make data-drive decision

Stay compliant, build resilience and stay ahead of change – no matter how fast the world changes

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