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Empower your clinal staff with just-in-time policies, procedures, and continuous development plans and get an enterprise view of your workforce’s compliance and competency status

Ekko employee onboarding
Ekko employee onboarding

Onboard & upskill healthcare clinicians and back-office staff to succeed

Are you looking to significantly improve your onboarding processes, employee engagement and retention rates?

With Ekko, healthcare organizations create engaging onboarding programs that are designed and delivered down to the individual employee level, cutting the time it takes to train new employees by more than 80%.

  • Video-based, interactive learning and assessments
  • Digital apprenticeship/body programs
  • Chatbot-based virtual assistant to humanize access to policies and procedures
Ekko healthcare custom policies

Make it personal

Design, build, collaborate and transform your clinical staff continuous development plan into multi-lingual, interactive and video-based content, available on any device.

Ekko competencies and performance

Build and retain an effective workforce

Use Ekko to make data-driven decisions to identify risks associated to churn, and increase retention by developing personalized onboarding career development programs.

  • Design, build and communicate personalized, clear skill and continous professional development programs
  • Understand which employees are most at-risk of leaving and why
  • Reduce staff stress and burnout by simplifying and automating daily routines related to policies, procedures and training

Performance management →

Ekko competencies and performance
Ekko Conversational Bot

Just ask Ekko

Ekko intelligently pairs your frontline employees’ and contractors’ daily routines with your organization’s policies, procedures, and training to communicate operational knowledge, corporate governance, and skill development opportunities right when they are needed, in a human-like user experience.

Conversational knowledge bot →

Enhance frontline operational and compliance controls

In a post-COVID-19 pandemic world, healthcare organziations are looking for ways to develop capabilities to adap to change, as change occurs. 

Ekko’s AI-powered technology allows healthcare providers to automatically pair policies, procedure and controls with their workforce’s daily routines and communicate them in real-time when they are needed the most.     

  • Identify and analyze risk across the organization
  • Develop and implement policies and controls
  • Maintain compliance and accreditation in accordance with HIPAA

Compliance & policy management →

Ekko compliance controls

Off-the-Shelf Content

Save time and money by quickly adding and sharing interactive and mobile-friendly eLearning courses from our content library.

Content library →

Ekko access knowledge anytime anywhere

Foster a culture of sharing knowledge, skills and experience

Your healthcare workforce may have different backgrounds, experiences and certifications. Yet, they are all expected to provide the same high-quality healthcare services to your patients. 

Ekko’s automated and intelligent curation and communication capabilities accelerate operational knowledge flow from your subject matter experts to your frontline workforce, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Quickly create media-reach and interactive knowledge channels
  • Empower your workforce with human-like user experience to access operational knowledge, policies and guides
  • Generate scannable QR codes to access knowledge, policies and procedure in one click

Communication & engagement →

Automated processes, accelerated operations, and improved compliance controls deliver efficiency and bottom-line savings, allowing you to allocate more funds to higher-impact care quality initiatives

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