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learn. upskill. engage. success

ekko by learningZone is an award-winning compliance and talent experience platform for the enterprise built on totara


Four great individual solutions, natively integrated together…

…to create SYNERGY

Compliance and governance

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform traditional and manual policy and procedure management into a modern and automated experience that meets your mobile workforce expectations

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Learning and upskilling

With Totara Learn, Ekko edition, upskill your workforce the way you want, with the power and flexibility to deliver transformational learning.

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Collaboration and knowledge sharing

With Totara Engage, Ekko edition, engage and unite your workforce, using the power of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and informal learning to support a high performing organization

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Managing your talent

With Totara Perform, Ekko edition easily built continuous performance management processes and connect them to learning, training, and compliance to boost workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere.

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Ekko mobile application to access compliance and learning anywhere and anytime

Ekko brings compliance management and employee engagement in one place

Ekko was designed to connect the dots and unlock the full potential of your organization, ensuring your workforce comply, learns, engages, and performs to deliver where it really counts.

The only cloud-based platform that enables just-in-time policy, procedure, and user-guide information for frontline workers

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