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Empower your frontline workforce with access to knowledge, procedures, and troubleshooting tips.

An Enterprise Connected Worker Platform That Thinks Different

Work isn’t what it used to be. You’re juggling global pandemics, unstable markets, rapidly-changing regulations – all while competing for talent and taking on challenges way beyond your comfort zone. To keep our clients successful, we think beyond the scope of traditional cloud-based compliance software and HR training systems. We build solutions that leverage invaluable tech advancements and help you adapt with ease. Nothing’s as constant as change – we’re just here to help you navigate it.

Ekko mobile application to access compliance and learning anywhere and anytime
Personalized user experience based on user's profile and performance

Totara Talent Experience – Ekko Edition

We customized the Totara Talent Experience platform to help businesses bridge the gap between learning and skill development and knowledge sharing and compliance.

Integrated, Smart and Simple

Built around your workforce in mind, Ekko simplifies the onboarding, skilling and compliance processes by offering a modern and user-friendly experience tailored to your audience’s needs.

Compliance Posture Dashboard

Flexible and Customizable

Ekko has prioritized different implementation options so customers can create their setup using a customized SaaS solution.

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Built for Oil & Energy Workers

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Allow your experts to easily create and share technical and professional workspaces and collaborate on technical manuals, videos and how tos. Better yet? Let your frontline employees access them from anywhere!

Automate Compliance and Certification Processes

Rapidly design, build and distribute interactive and video-based personalized training and certifications to your mobile workforce.

Personalized user experience based on user's profile and performance
Transform document-based and manual processes to digital accessible anytime and anywhere

Convert Manual Processes to Digital

Use Ekko to transform manual, document-based processes into digital, mobile-friendly policies and procedures, forms, inspection checklists, and risk assessment questionnaires with approval workflows and version controls.

Third-party Compliance

With Ekko you can manage different audiences and assure your contractors and partners adhere to your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Course catalog

Ready-to-Use EHS Content

Save time and money by quickly adding and sharing interactive and mobile-friendly OSHA compliant EHS e-learning courses from our content library.

Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Ekko’s machine learning and artificial intelligence engine studies your policies and procedures, breaks them down into question-and-answer knowledge bites, and lets your frontline workforce ask questions and get answers using Ekko’s powerful conversational bot.

Compliance Posture Dashboard

Gain Actionable Insights

Allow team leaders, staff managers and executives to get up-to-date performance and compliance reports, along with insights for teams and individual workers.

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