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Ekko unifies the key pillars of operational success

Helping you to accelerate operations, reduce risk and build resilience – no matter how fast the world changes

Managing operations across a dispersed workforce is hard

Especially when your organization is highly regulated and your workforce is dispersed.

Manually implementing change across disparate, dated systems and spreadsheets is too slow. There are too many bottlenecks. No single source of truth. Too much room for error and risk.

That’s why we created Ekko.

Operate flawlessly, every day, with an AI-powered platform that brings together policy management, workforce development, compliance, and engagement

Breakaway from the limitations of dated, disparate systems and spreadsheets. Ekko unifies the systems your operational workforce relies on and gives them the tools and knowledge they need to do their best work, together.
Ekko manager's team dashboard

Streamline policy and process management, workforce development, and performance management to deliver better business outcomes

  • Replace multiple legacy systems and spreadsheets with a unified application
  • Reduce the time, effort, and cost of maintaining legacy applications
  • Reduce manual steps, accelerate change management and daily operations
  • Shift staff time from admin to value-adding tasks

Step ahead of compliance risks

With a policy and procedure management solution for highly regulated organizations in a fast-changing world
  • Remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies to implement policy change with zero friction 
  • Give frontline workers the information they need to stay compliant, exactly when and where they need it
  • Get better visibility into policy management and compliance than ever before 
  • Accelerate operations while reducing risk and enhancing compliance
Performance activities

Enhance the performance of your deskless workers

Ekko’s performance management system gives management the tools they need to make deskless workers feel supported, empowered, and productive.
  • Get full visibility of mobile workforce performance from organizational unit down to individual employee
  • Make impactful, data-driven decisions on performance enhancement
  • Develop an engaged mobile workforce with the skills for success, with learning and development and skills analytics tools

Fuel the power of your people with continuous learning and move forwards faster

Ekko’s learning management system helps you make sure your organization has the skills it needs to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Deep insights and better visibility into workforce skills
  • Improve performance and compliance through high-quality learning and training
  • Put the power of continuous learning into the hands of your team, with self-service training
  • Automate the heavy lifting involved in learning management, and free up HR to focus on value-adding projects
Learning recommendations
Video engagement report

Build a happy, engaged and supported frontline workforce

Boost employee engagement and bring your workforce, contractors, and partners together in one place.
  • Open up direct lines of communication across your whole workforce
  • Provide a platform for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to connect dispersed teams
  • Empower your deskless workforce with automated content and knowledge recommendations that best match their profile, location, and job, powered by Ekko’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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