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8 Totara LMS Ekko Edition Features that Support Knowledge Delivery and Skills-Building

8 Totara LMS Ekko Edition Features that Support Knowledge Delivery and Skills-Building

LearningZone: built to address exactly these kinds of challenges in today’s fast-moving business world

Here are 8 great features that can help you hit the ground running and deliver quick value and solutions to your performance and knowledge needs:

1. Built-in Best Practices – course formats/structure

One of the best things about LearningZone is that it’s built on the experience gained from hundreds of projects and thousands of users, we have built the best practices of knowledge and skill delivery inside the system.

For example, the course format built into LearningZone makes it clear to users what they are going to learn, what the outputs will be, and how long will it take them. It also allows you to use preset templates of course structure – helping you to build content faster, and your audience to understand where they are.

You also have the ability to adapt the course experience by showing/hiding additional information blocks for courses with more topics.

2. Blended courses, activities, competencies, certifications, e-learning and instructor-led

LearningZone lets you combine a variety of activities to fit your audiences and their performance and skill building needs. You may create smaller and quick “skill boosters” with video and knowledge quizzes, as well as build structured programs that build employees’ skills and competencies with a variety of activities and interactions.

3. Programs for learning journeys by audience, by role, by past knowledge and skills

We’ve all heard before about the importance of learning journeys – and personalization, of course, goes hand in hand with these journeys. Thankfully, LearningZone lets you organize your learners by audience (grouping them together by similar characteristics), roles in the organization, past knowledge or skills – that way, we can take whole groups of learners and fit learning journeys to each one individually. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

4. Personalized Learning plans – with employee and manager involvement

Listen, we’re not for being a cop for your learners, following their every move and scolding them at every turn… but we all need a push in the right direction once in a while. LearningZone allows manager to get regular updates about their learner’s learning journeys and how they are progressing, send them reminders if necessary, and building their journeys together. That way, both managers and employees can come together and take responsibility for their learning, as well as explore new channels as we go along.

5. Multi-device access and consumption

We can’t ignore our own advice – in order to meet employee’s constantly raising needs, and meet the technological convergence and the need to use less resources head on, LearningZone allows the user to access the learning material you decide on to multiple devices (no matter what phone you use, of course). This allows for learning to be done in our comfortable space, or maybe in our spare time (check out our article about microlearning to learn more about meaningful bite size learning).

6. Campaign-based approach – send attractive message, motivate via badges

We won’t elaborate much here (it’s just that there’s so much to say and we’ve written a whole article about it so…) We’ll only say this – if your learners want to learn, and are excited and intrigued each time they open a message from LearningZone, you’re in a great place. And yes – it’s truly possible.

7. Flexible fit for different needs – small or big, internal and/or external audiences

The beauty about a LMS system, LearningZone included, is that its many features allow each organization to use the system exactly as its need require – whether you’re a huge company and you manage hundreds of people – the system can help you do that using different audiences, automating learning assignments, and more. Or maybe you’re just starting out at a small company, and you want to put in more time into each and every course you make – wish no longer with LearningZone.

8. User friendly, attractive and branded

It’s one of our most important features – making this process of learning development simple, easy to use, intuitive – and matched to you and your needs. If you need proof – why not try us out?

Contact us and let us know if we can help in any other way with you LearningZone journey!

Amir Elion

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